Interesting Snake Facts


Welcome to the snake facts site. You will find facts on snakes of all types.  Here are some quick snake facts:

  • There are 3,000 kinds of snakes but only 650 kinds have venom that is poisonous.
  • There are no vegetarian snakes. All snakes are carnivores.
  • Snakes have no eyelids and cannot blink.
  • Scientists who study snakes are called herpetologists.
  • When in danger, some snakes will pretend to play dead by lying on its back with its tongue sticking out. Even some venomous snakes are known to play dead.
  • The heaviest snake in the world is the anaconda. The biggest ones can weigh over 500 pounds which makes them as heavy as a lion.
  • Snakes are a symbol of healing. People once thought that snakes could live forever and become young again every time they shed their skin.
  • Most snakes avoid confrontation.

One of the most important things to know about snakes is that they are cold-blooded, meaning their temperature are regulated by their surroundings. Snakes cannot generate warmth from within their bodies like warm-blooded animals can which makes them very vulnerable to cold environments.  This is why snakes are found in warm and tropical climates.

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